Boydster III, at
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Boydster III arrives at QRSR under the watchful eyes of QRSR's back-up security system!
QRSR is working on Boyd Coddington's latest project the Boydster III.

QRSR's talented skills were used to finish prep the body and paint this fantastic car before sending it on to Australia, once there it will be used to make a mold for fiberglass copies to be made.

Yes, Boyd Coddington arguably the most accomplished and influential hot rod builder in the US today. He is the inventor of the Billet wheel, writer of three hot rodding books, the "Rodfather" of the modern street rod age. Building cars for ZZ Top, Sylvester Stallone, and Reggie Jackson, Boyd by name alone is a street rod legend.
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Here is an Boyd creation that is in our shop for a complete fleshing up.
Here is an early Boyd project now owned by Dick Brogdon, up at QRSR to be completely gone thru by our expert staff.
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